Testimonial 06

I felt guilty if I didn't use the mobile app, it was like someone was watching which made me accountable. There was no excuse for not doing my PT exercises having the app on my phone. I do believe it quickened my recovery.

Testimonial 05

I enjoy using the app. It really kept me on top of my exercises with the daily reminders.

Testimonial 04

If you have your phone, you have your health. If you have the app, you have your health.

Testimonial 03

I enjoy having the app! I use it everyday at the gym as a reference for the PT exercises I've been assigned.

Testimonial 02

This app just makes so much sense!

Testimonial 01

I didn't realize how much I wasn't doing my home exercise program until I started using the app. It made me accountable to my program, my therapist, and most importantly my shoulder injury.