Healigo modernizes the rehabilitation process for patients.


Prescribe Home Exercise Programs directly to your patients' smartphones


Healigo is HIPAA-compliant patient engagement software that replaces typical home exercise program software and lets physical therapists prescribe home exercise programs directly to their patients' smartphones. It's quicker and easier than ever to create exercise programs with Healigo, and with our free iPhone and Android patient mobile apps, patients can access their programs from anywhere, anytime.


HIPAA Compliant

The Healigo Patient Engagement Platform, including both the patient iPhone and Android apps as well as the physical therapist website, is HIPAA-compliant.

Healigo's encryption-protected software runs on Production and Staging servers hosted on fully HIPAA-compliant infrastructure at Catalyze. We had our mobile apps independently penetration tested by NowSecure. We partnered with HIPAA Secure Now who performs an independent HIPAA Risk Assessment. We maintain all required HIPAA compliance policies and procedures, and all Healigozstaff and contractors are required to pass an independently administered HIPAA training and compliance test.


Streamlined Design

Healigo makes it as easy and quick as possible to create home exercise programs (HEPs), prescribe them to patients' smartphones, and track progress between visits.

When we built Healigo, we took a long look at existing home exercise program software in the market and re-designed everything from the ground-up - with Healigo, you can quickly add exercises to a HEP, save programs to use with multiple patients, and get started with our out-of-the-box clinically accepted template programs. The easiest part is prescribing HEPs to patients, which is done automatically by Healigo - patients get started by receiving a text or email from Healigo and downloading the free patient apps from the app store.

Further, the user interface on the mobile app is as simple as could be - as our co-founder Hollan Oliver, DPT, OCS, SCS likes to say - "I've got patients from age 8 to 80 who use the Healigo patient apps no problem." Finally, tracking patient progress can be done in literally just seconds - our patient dashboard on the PT website includes just the data that PTs need-to-know, and in just 1 click you can get the full picture of patient reporting history, make changes to the program, assign the patient to another PT, and more...


3000+ Exercises

Healigo has partnered with WebExercises.com to offer PTs a full exercise library including nearly 3,500 exercises.

Healigo includes a range of exercise libraries, including plyometrics, balance, women's health, geriatrics, pediatrics and more. Healigo makes finding the right exercise easy with our smart-search functionality and exercise filters to narrow results by body part, position, or activity. More than just exercises, our library also includes dozens of templates for clinically-accepted home exercise programs. Healigo puts the PT in the driver's seat by allowing PTs to add custom exercises and activities as well as make changes to templates and saved programs.


Free iPhone and Android apps keep patients on-track between visits:


Healigo lets physical therapists offer free iPhone and Android apps to their patients. Patients can access their home exercise program, including HD videos of each exercise, prescribed by their physical therapist. They'll receive helpful reminders to track progress daily in just a few clicks to let their PT know how recovery is progressing between office visits.


Home Exercise Programs automatically sent to the patient’s smartphone

Patients easily access HEPs right from the free iPhone and Android smartphone app.

No more "losing the handout" - with 3 in 4 adults between age 50-64 owning a smartphone, most patients will always have their HEP available anywhere, anytime (and Healigo has well-formatted exercise printouts for non-smartphone users). Also...no more stick figures! Patients can access HD exercise videos, along with exercise details for sets, reps, special instructions, etc. configured by their therapist.


Friendly Reminders

Healigo schedules in-app push notifications as well as text message reminders to keep patients on-top of their HEPs between visits.

Can paper exercise handouts do that? Healigo knows whether a patient has tracked their HEP progress or not for the day, and it will send reminders accordingly. Reminders are configurable by the therapist, so they can be tailored to the patient's lifestyle and when its best to complete the program. Patients often report that it's the simple but friendly reminders that keep their HEP and recovery top-of-mind to help them to stay on-top of their HEP.


Exercise adherence, pain, and difficulty tracked

Delivering HEPs to a patient's smartphone is great, but the ability to track progress is what sets Healigo apart.

In just a couple clicks each day, patients can use their Healigo iPhone and Android mobile apps to let their PTs know which exercises they completed, which they missed, and their level of pain and difficulty with the program. Heailgo consolidates this data and presents it to the PT at a high-level on the Clinician Dashboard with full patient tracking history just a click away. Armed with this patient-generated data, PTs can make more informed decisions about treatment, dialing up or down the patient's program to get them better faster.

Track patient recovery between visits:


Healigo let's physical therapists offer free iPhone and Android apps to their patients. Patients can access their home exercise program, including HD videos of each exercise, prescribed by their physical therapist. They'll receive helpful reminders to track progress daily in just a few clicks to let their PT know how recovery is progressing between office visits.


Clinician Dashboard

Healigo's PT website features the Clinician Dashboard where physical therapists can get a snapshot of each patient how they are progressing between visits.

We designed the Healigo patient dashboard with over a year's worth of data and input from actual patients and therapists during clinical trials - the goal of the dashboard is to provide PTs with the info they need in just seconds. Physical therapists can quickly see a list of all their patients, HEP reporting adherence, most recent levels of pain, and other alerts. In just 1 click, PTs can jump from the dashboard into just about every other area of Healigo, including viewing full patient history, editing patient details, creating new care plans, managing templates and saved programs, and updating clinic and therapist settings.


Automatic Updates

Healigo does the work of keeping home exercise programs in-sync between the PT website and patient iPhone and Android apps.

When a PT creates a HEP on Healigo, the entire program, including HD exercise videos, sets/reps/hold time configured by the PT, and any special instructions, is automatically sync'd with the patient iPhone and Android app. Patients can access their specific program with a 6-digit CarePlanID which will be generated by Healigo and emailed or texted to the patient - it's that easy. As patients track their progress, all of the data reported between visits is captured and consolidated for the therapist on the PT website. And if PTs make any changes to a patient's program, there's no need to wait until the next office visit - any updates made by the PT are automatically updated to the patient's mobile app in real-time.


Transparency Between Visits

With Healigo, PTs are better informed of patients' overall experience with physical therapy.

Want to know if one of your patients is having a great experience and might refer your practice to a family member of friend? Healigo now tracks Net Promotor Score (NPS) to keep PTs informed of their patients' experience and likelihood to refer to family members and friends. Combined with regular exercise and progress tracking, PTs have the tools they need to keep their patients happy and on-track for the best outcome.

Healigo!!! We have been using them for 4 months and they are an exceptional new startup. We have used WebPT’s HEP program, medbridge, and two others and this is the best by far. They also have entry pricing for $100 for 12 months per provider.

—Tyler Blackwelder

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