Heal and Go, with the New Physical Therapy Engagement Platform from Healigo

Finally, a physical therapy engagement platform that actually enhances the clinician-patient relationship

NASHVILLE, TENNESEE (June 8, 2016) HEALIGO, a Boston-based startup with a focus on healthcare is telling physical therapists at the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) NEXT Conference (June 8-11, Nashville, Booth #447) to “Ditch the printouts.” For decades, physical therapy practices have used paper exercise handouts to keep patients on-track with home exercise programs necessary for a complete and efficient recovery. Some are better (well formatted printouts) than others (stick figure drawings), but many end up lost or discarded.

Enter Healigo. Where several healthcare technology startups are pushing to make healthcare more convenient, remote, or “electronified” sometimes at the expense of the clinician-patient relationship, Healigo’s focus is on strengthening the bond between patient and therapist. Healigo’s patient mobile application is downloadable in the Apple iTunes App Store, and helps keep patients on-track between visits, and patients are already seeing results. According to one patient who saw a major turnaround with her shoulder recovery after being introduced to Healigo, the mobile app made me accountable to my program, my therapist, and most importantly my shoulder injury.”

Not just another healthcare adherence app, Healigo bridges the time between clinical visits crucial to the patient’s recovery by letting patients log-in from any internet-enabled device to set-up and modify home exercise programs, track patient recovery, and share results with referring physicians. “It’s easy for me to log-in, and within 10-15 seconds get a good understanding of how my patients are progressing,” says Healigo Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Hollan Oliver, DPT. Hollan has been prescribing Healigo as part of a pilot program with Elite Physical Therapy, a top-rated regional physical therapy practice based in Rhode Island, since fall of 2015. “Every patient in the pilot has been excited to try the app, and with patient- reported data like daily pain and difficulty levels at my fingertips, it’s easier than ever for me to dial-up or down treatment and home exercise programs that are effective, challenging and beneficial between clinical visits.”

Healigo is showing off their results at the APTA NEXT Conference, and is expanding their on- going pilots to training staff supporting an NBA team and a high-performance training group supporting 80 players in the NFL Draft. At initial launch later this summer, Healigo will be available to patients via the iTunes App Store and shortly thereafter on Google Play. The Healigo clinical and technology teams remain committed to evolving the platform to further the practice by offering best-practice exercise programs, protocols, and recommendations, integrating directly with electronic health records and practice management systems, and connecting with referring physicians interested in their patient’s rehabilitation.

Healigo Inc. is backed by a founding team with over 20 years of combined healthcare technology experience, deep clinical expertise, and an advisor and investor team consisting of healthcare product experts.