Healigo: The CashPT Game Changer

 Healigo: The CashPT Game Changer

About The Author: Hollan Oliver, DPT, OCS, SCS is the Owner of Coastline Physical Therapy & Performance and a Co-Founder of Healigo. 

Six months ago I made the emotional decision to leave my beloved job to start a CashPT practice. A decade of seeing 60-70 patients a week was starting to wear me down. After working 8 years in Rhode Island, I wasn’t sure what to expect opening a practice on a small island off the coast of Maine, but I was willing to take the plunge. Like many people who open a cash-based practice, I have a resurgance of energy and optimism for the profession.  

Establishing a practice of any type takes a lot dedication and determination, but the payoff of a CashPT model can be incredible: a caseload of patients eager for assistance and the autonomy to practice without bureaucratic influence from insurance companies. I made the decision to establish a CashPT practice because I was looking for more professional and personal freedom. I wanted the autonomy to treat patients how they needed to be treated rather than how their insurance company thought they should be treated. I wanted to spend 45-60 minutes with every patient, entirely one on one, and I wanted to help the hard-working community members in my home town of Deer Isle, Maine where there's limited access to physical therapy. 

My biggest fear was that people wouldn’t be willing to see a provider independent of their insurance company and that there wouldn’t be enough business to be profitable. I’m happy to report however that just four weeks after starting my practice, I was already seeing 20+ patients a week. The secret ingredients thus far have been word of mouth referrals from happy patients, a great mentor in Aaron Labeaur, and using Healigo’s patient adherence platform. For those of you interested in starting a cash-based practice, I highly recommend finding a mentor and consultant like Aaron to help you get established. 


What is Healigo?

Healigo is an affordable platform that allows PTs to send home exercise programs directly to a patient’s smartphone. Patients can watch videos of their prescribed HEP, receive daily reminders to complete their program and report progress daily so that I’d know how they are doing between appointments. For my practice, Healigo is a game changer! With competitors using paper printouts and scribbled instructions, Healigo conveys to my patients that I’m using cutting-edge technology in addition to hands-on techniques to give them the best service I possibly can. 

Healigo Q & A

Is Healigo simply for the millennial generation? No! In fact, I’ve have patients aged 8-80 on the mobile app. If patients request a printout however, you are able to print the programs. A recent university-sponsored study determined that patients aged 55+ with knee osteoarthritis preferred Healigo over all other alternatives, including paper printouts, due to the user-friendly design. 

What about cost? With a CashPT practice, it's important to keep your overhead low! Healigo's HEP platform only cost $15/month/PT! 

Where do the videos come from? Healigo licenses the videos from WebExercises.com 

Can I add my own content and save frequently used programs? Yes and yes! 

If you’re interested in learning more about Healigo, check out the guide below, sign up for an account at http://www.healigo.com or email info@healigo.com