Ditch The Printouts

Healigo replaces typical home exercise software to increase retention, drive positive outcomes, and identify happy patients to write reviews.


Let’s face it, are paper exercise printouts really the most effective way to communicate with patients between visits?

Discover how Healigo’s patient adherence platform actually gets patients to stay on-track with their recovery.

The Problem

Your clinic could be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in revenue


No News is not good news

Your clinic may be losing up to $40,000 per therapist per year because of lack of patient engagement

  • Lack of communication between visits leads to slow progress
  • Lack of accountability between visits leads to declining patient motivation
  • Missed appointments and premature discharges are likely, meaning lost revenue for clinics

Our Solution

Equip your patients and therapists with tools for success.


mobile app and therapist portal so your data is secure

Streamlined Design

makes it easy for patients aged 8 to 80+

3000+ Exercises

including HD videos and instructions from our partners at WebExercises.com

Automatic Updates

between patient mobile app and therapist portal

Clinician dashboard

gives therapists a quick view of the information they need

Home Exercise Programs automatically sent to the patient’s smartphone

with HD videos of their specific exercises

Friendly Reminders

keep patients on-track with home exercises between visits

Exercise adherence, pain, and difficulty tracked

daily in just a couple clicks

Transparency Between Visits

so you can see patient-generated data in real-time, no more waiting

How It Works

From hurt to healthy in three simple steps.


Patients Get Better, Faster

Streamline HEP creation

Streamline HEP creation

Engage patients to keep them on track

Know how your patient feels after treatment


Modify plans quickly

Know how patients are doing between visits

We Get Results

$500   Therapists using Healigo earned an additional $500 per month in revenue due to increased appointments kept during our clinical trial.


Functional Outcome Scores

As part of a Healigo pilot with a large outpatient rehab clinic, every patient that completed physical therapy with Healigo saw statistically significant improvement on their functional outcome scores.

Keep Patients Showing-Up

Even though our pilot clinic already exceeded industry benchmarks for Percentage of Appointments Kept, after using Healigo this metric increased measurably, translating to over $500 per therapist per month in additional revenue for the clininc.

Reduce Patient Dropouts

"Patient Churn”, or the percentage of patients who dropped out of physical therapy before the 7th visit, was decreased by over 40% after Healigo was used with patients.

Patients + Physical Therapists Love it


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